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Health and relaxation

Dolenjska offers many opportunities for relaxation and doing something for your health. The most influential provider of wellness services in the region is Terme Krka.

The principal activity of Terme Krka is medical rehabilitation. The company has facilities in Dolenjske and Šmarješke Toplice and is the owner of the Otočec hotels with one of the most prominent castles in Slovenia and a fabulous golf course; they also own a business hotel Hotel Krka in Novo mesto. Their health centres maintain a high level of medical specialising in rehabilitating conditions following injuries and diseases affecting the locomotor system, cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease. The extensive experience and knowledge gained in this field has helped to improve the field of prevention and health promotion.

Dolenjske Toplice Spa is one of the longest-established health spas in Europe. Besides having an established medical rehabilitation centre, this spa resort has excellent modern wellness programmes, which places it among the best-known wellness centres suitable for both the young and the old. At the end of 2009, the company opened a plastic and aesthetic surgery clinic as part of the Balnea wellness centre. The clinic offers minimally invasive methods of rejuvenation that lead to a more youthful and attractive appearance in a quick and effective manner.

Šmarješke Toplice Spa, which is located in a completely natural environment, outside the residential area, is well-known for its rehabilitation necessary after infarctions and cardiovascular procedures. They also treat sport-related injuries and provide a full range of medical services for professional and recreational athletes who wish to improve their fitness levels. Their Vitarium Spa&Clinique wellness centre is known for health programmes dedicated to preventing diseases and problems related to the modern lifestyle (slimming, detoxification through fasting, body care, etc.).

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