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The Municipality of Semič is the youngest Bela krajina Municipality and it stretches along the base of Kočevski Rog and Gorjanci. The most beautiful view for visitors is revealed when the train passes out of the Semič tunnel. Amidst the vineyards are blanched white houses and vineyard cottages and below that lies the Semič Market and the parish Church of St. Stephen. The Semič Market was first mentioned at the beginning of the 13th century. The region gets its name from the castle that stood atop the Semenič hill.

1. Church of St. Trinity

This church atop Vinje Vrh was built in the 17th century following the example of the old pilgrimage church in Nova Štifta in Ribnica. The nature of the pilgrimage is indicated by the open hut at the entrance where there is a stone table and wooden external altar. The church has an eight-sided dome shape and is covered with shingles. The gilded altar with a painting of St. Trinity occupies the entire presbytery and is three sided.

2. Source of the Krupa

The source of the Krupa is the most water-rich and biggest karst spring in Bela krajina, in which groundwaters from the hilly part of Bela krajina converge. The river comes to the surface in the middle of the northern part of the Bela krajina plain in the village of Krupa, around 3km from Semič, where it springs out from beneath a 30m-high rock wall. The water source represents an olm habitat and is the only known habitat of aquatic cave clams.

3. Smuk and Mirna Mountain

These hills extend to the northwest of the Municipality of Semič. Smuk is a 547m high plateau above Semič, which descends towards the southeast into the arms of the sunny Semič mountains all the way until its base rests in the clustered, partially broken up settlement of Semič. The restored hunting lodge provides a great opportunity to relax at the weekend or the area is also known an excellent runway for paragliding and hang-gliding. Mirna Gora is the third highest peak in Bela krajina (1047m) and at the same time one of the best south-eastern slopes of the vast Kočevski Rog. The lookout tower offers a spectacular view of Bela krajina and Gorski Kotar. There are also permanently maintained mountain huts near the top.

4. Regional Museum Collection

The collection, in the heart of Semič, unveils pieces of the history of Semič and its surroundings as well as the life of local people from prehistory until the end of World War II. There is also an interesting natural science and wine-making collection within the museum.

5. Bela Skiing Centre

The Centre is at an altitude of 700–965m and is a favourite lookout and sightseeing point for visitors and lovers of winter fun. The 55 hectare ski resort with a ski school, ski slopes and ski trails operates with a capacity of 6,000 skiers per hour. During the summer, the area is also suitable for biking, horse riding and hiking on the marked trails.

Information: TIC Semič, Štefanov trg 7, 8333 SEMIČ Tel.: +386 (0)7 35 65 200, +386 (0)40 625 148