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Visit the birthplace of the First Lady of the United States

You've probably heard of Slovenia, a small country in Central Europe, situated somewhere between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Surely you have already been learned this is the country which the first lady of the United States comes from. During her life in Slovenia she lived in Sevnica, small town of around 5,000 inhabitants, above which stands magnificent castle in almost fairytale-style.

From Novo mesto (New city) to New York

We could say Melania changed a smaller apple for Big Apple. We are talking of course about her birth place Novo mesto in the Dolenjska region.

When you think you know what this “new” is, in Novo mesto /New City, you can experience a different Dolenjska. In the centre of Dolenjska there is Novo mesto, just big enough for a new culture, new theaters and new energy – and manageable enough to retain all the qualities of Dolenjska: the contact with the wavy nature, the river, and especially the people and their smiles, wine and local delicacies.  In the old town on a rocky bend of the Krka River, Glavni trg (Main Square) with arcades on the ground floors of town houses is still the centre of social life and a place to share good energies. From here the lace-like woven streets lead to the city’s many sights and monuments - churches, museums, galleries, libraries and architectural features. Novo mesto is an ancient seat of the Hallstatt Prince and Duke Rudolf IV of Habsburg, and due to many exceptional finds it is also a town of situlae.

VisitDolenjska and …

… get to know the birth place and feel the throb of the city,

… take a tour to Melania’s home town Sevnica, only 35 miles from Novo mesto,

taste the local cuisine and wines,

relax at thermal spas,

enjoyoutdoor activities.

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