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21st. Medieval Market day in Žužemberk

Medievel days in Žužemberk are undoubtedly the largest and most revered cultural-culinary-ethnological-tourist event in Suha krajina and one larger in Dolenjska, in which the present and the past are intertwined. There are many renowned Slovenian and foreign artists in the program, and almost all societies and organizations from the area of the municipality are involved. 

Medieval market, knights, castle miss, medieval and renaissance dances and musicians, knight duel with interesting events from the rich history of the owners of the Žužember castle. There will be lots of archery, theater, swordsmanship, and interesting games for children. There will be many groups from Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia and Serbia.

21st. Medieval Market day in Žužemberk


Žužemberk castle
Grajski trg
8360 Žužemberk