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Operation: Complete/comprehensive regional tourism offer –

The “Complete/comprehensive regional tourism offer –” operation is a part of the Implementation plan for the Regional Development Programme for SE Slovenia for the 2010–2012 period. 19 local communities from SE Slovenia and the Razvojni center Novo mesto d.o.o., research centre are participating in the implementation of the operation. The operation is partially funded by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. The operation is being implemented within the operational programme for strengthening regional development potential for the 2007–2013 period, research priority “Regional development”, priority direction “Regional development programmes”. The funds of the European Union will be used to co-finance a part of the public expenses for justifiable operational costs in the amount of 85% of all confirmed public expenses. The remaining funds required for the implementation of the operation are being provided by local partners. The purpose of the operation is to connect the dispersed tourism offer of the region into interesting marketing programmes and to efficiently and comprehensively introduce them to the local and foreign tourism markets. The operation is being implemented by a group of six companies led by Igea d.o.o., which were chosen through a public invitation.

The logo combines 5 beads of different colours, which represent the 5 main products. The blue one is for Health and relaxation, the yellow one for Active vacation, the violet one for Following the heritage, the green one for Cottage tourism, and the red one for Cuisine and wine.

Partner municipalities of the project