Dolenjska, different experiences


990,00 €

In the rush of our daily lives, we often forget to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings. That is why we created the Active programme, intended for all who seek amazing experiences in the heart of nature. Pamper your senses and actively connect to the environment. You will be in the capable hands of experienced guides, who will take you to the hiddenmost parts of Dolenjska by car and horse. Experience the breathtaking caves, the most beautiful in this part of Slovenia, and the top-class local cuisine. Horse riding and a trek to Gorjance represent the highlight of this unforgettable experience, available only in Dolenjska!

Dolenjska exclusive 4-days package: Active

Arrival to the vineyard cottage, welcoming in cellar, pampering in the hot tub with Cviček sparkling wine, dinner. 

Electric bike ride, honey breakfast and apitherapy, honey massage. Bike ride to Kostanjevica na Krki, lunch and Kostanjevica Cave vistit, sightseeing of the Cistercian monastery and Forma viva, dinner with local specialty. 

After breakfast, a stroll through the wine hills, a raft ride along the Krka River, lunch with freshly caught fish, dinner at a local inn. 

After breakfast guided trekking through Gorjanci, lunch at the mountain hut Gospodična.

The price is per person and includes accommodation in double rooms in the vineyard cottage and all services according to the program.