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Awakened Gutenwerd Medieval Square

The exhibition was created on the initiative of the host Mr. Vinko Gradišar in cooperation with the National Museum of Slovenia (Dr. Tomaž Nabergoj), PGD Dobrava and the Institute for the Protection of Monuments of Slovenia, Regional Unit Novo mesto. So far, Gutenwerd is the only abandoned medieval settlement on Slovenian territory discovered and explored by archaeologists. Due to its conservation, it is also exceptional on a European scale, since there are hardly any well-preserved urban settlements from the Middle Ages. The research of this market has a significant pioneering place in the history of Slovenian medieval archeology. 

Eight (8) panels show research findings: a plan of a medieval settlement with marked areas explored by an archeological team, a presentation of the Freisian market along the transit route and along the border of the empire, the course of archaeological excavations and their discoveries, the presentation of life as they document the objects and the presentation of Gutenwerd as an outstanding archeological site. Plans for new research and the goals of the research project are presented. In addition to billboards, the two showcases feature original medieval pots and pots, as well as reconstructions of medieval pots and small objects that speak of life in Gutenwerd. 

It is possible to view the exhibition by phone number.

Awakened Gutenwerd Medieval Square


Gasilski dom, Dobrava pri Škocjanu
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