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Badovinac Inn

Jugorje 5
+386 (0)7 30 50 133, +386 (0)40 738 552Inquiry

100 seats + 40 outside, 16 beds in 7 rooms

Opening hours:


Closed on Tuesdays

This inn with its centuries old tradition is the first warm welcome travellers receive on the sunny side of the Gorjanci hills. A family-owned restaurant, it has passed on a genuine tradition of hospitality from one generation to another. Guests particularly appreciate its delicious home-made food. During the season, they serve roast lamb and suckling pig from Bela Krajina. In addition to its vast collection of high-quality wines from its environs of Metlika, you can enjoy excellent table wine from the family’s own vineyard. Don’t miss the opportunity to sip KARAMPAMPULI, a famous herbal brandy whose recipe is a family secret.


Complimentary 1 dcl of wine with daily menu.