Dolenjska, different experiences

Different healthcare and relaxation

Krka’s spas, Dolenjske and Šmarješke Toplice, are modern Slovene health resorts, known for their top-quality health resort services, efficient individually designed healthcare programmes and an excellent offer of relaxation services. They pride themselves in their beautiful natural surroundings, long tradition, which originates in the 17th century, unique thermal water with proven healing effects and temperatures from 26°C to 36°C, a team of the best Slovene specialized doctors, physiotherapists, sports coaches, and a comprehensive offer available at one location. Many awards serve as proof of the excellence of Krka’s spas, such as multiple awards for the tidiest health resort destination, the Top Wellness award for excellent services for ensuring well-being at the Balnea Wellness Centre in Dolenjske Toplice and the Vitarium Spa&Clinique in Šmarješke Toplice, and other awards.