Dolenjska, different experiences

Different tourist offer

The destination is one of the most innovative ones in Slovenia. It has offered 5 tourist products which were in the finals for or even received awards for the most innovative tourist products in the country, which are given away every year by the Slovenian Tourist Board. To those who wish something new and different, we recommend some of the most striking tourist products:

A visit to the Museum of the Dolenjska region is different with its extraordinary archaeological collection of glass beads and situla.

A different experience is certenly a visit to Land of Hayracksthe world's 1st Open Air museum of hayracks .

A different experience is a ride aboard Rudolf’s Raft along the Krka River embracing the old part of Novo mesto. In addition to the attractive ride, the raft features a very interesting entertainment programme, music, food, etc.

A different experience at Matjaž’s Homestead. It is not just a story about a wine and its history; it is, above all, a story about life in the Lower Carniolan countryside.

A different experience at the Struga and Žužemberk castles, where you will witness a very interesting medieval story and cuisine.

Different experiences at the Soseska zidanica vineyard cottage in Drašiči, where you will see the only wine bank in Slovenia, and the traditional life of the village community in the wine-growing town of Drašiči.

Different experiences on the Kolpa River (EDEN – European Destination of Excellence): rafting, canoeing, kayaking and “team building” programmes.

You are also guaranteed to experience a different adventure if you join us in searching for a brown bear on a photo safari.

A different experience is waiting for you at Matic’s Ethno House, where you will relive the life of a peasant in the Ribnica Valley as lived by woodenware manufacturers and zdomarji (woodware sellers moving from place to place).

A different experience visiting the Ribnica Handcraft Centre, where, through observing the woodenware and pottery manufacturing process, you will become acquainted with the resourcefulness and roguishness of the people of Ribnica.