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Dolenjska wedding the old custom

Renewed Novomeški trg The main square will be colored with the song and dance of the rich folk tradition of Dolenjska, so we kindly invite you to join us.

Since ancient times, marriage has been considered an important milestone, so it has always been celebrated. Sometimes, young people did not have much say in arranging a wedding, as both the father and the father agreed on the details. Likoff was a real village bargaining for the groom, his father, and the wife's elder for the bride's gift and the baloon that the bride's father would have to give. The dota was dependent on the size of the farm, if the farm was rich, the groom got a cow next to the part of the dowry. The day before the wedding, the groom came in front of the bride's house after the balo that she took her with her other boys to her home.

Dolenjska wedding the old custom


Main Square of Novo mesto
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