Dolenjska, drugačna doživetja


21. 9. 2019 s pričetkom ob 8.30 uri

The 1-day program includes: 

  • Greetings with welcome drink 

  • Presentation of harvest and work assignments 

  • A traditional harvest with stops, which lasts 3 to 4 hours 

  • A great wine-tasting lunch with wine tasting, traditional music, fun playing our ancestors and dancing. 

Price: 10 € / person

In addition to the content of the 1-day program, the 2-day program includes:

  • Getting to know the story of the homestead and preparing traditional dishes and fun animation of the role-playing game »village life as it once was.

Price: 45 € /person


Additional offer: 

  • Overnight stay for 4 persons (subject to availability). Price 50 € apartment with local breakfast and tourist tax included. 

  • By prior arrangement, the possibility of tasting beer kraft (extra 10 € / person) or visit the organic beekeeper with wine tasting in a typical Dolenjska homes (5 € a person)

The responsible organizer of the event is Vesela doživetja Travel agency.