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Koprivnik 13
1330 Koprivnik
+386 40 812 087

In the heart of Kočevski Rog lies the idyllic village of Koprivnik, where our homestead and our GOSTel stand. We are waiting for you here: Matjaž, Darka and the dog Ruppi. Our therapy against such a common burnout of modern man is very simple: pristine forests, clean air, living water, home-cooked food, comfortable accommodation and a host that we dedicate to each guest individually.

Children can have fun with cute ducks in the pond, take their pet dog for a walk or indulge in adventurous exploration of the surroundings. Your pets will also come at their own expense: they will enjoy long walks in nature, and you will not deduct a single euro for their accommodation.

Our GOSTel is decorated in a homely, rural style, following the example of the Kočevje natives, who lovingly founded Koprivnik and the surrounding villages. The wooden walls and tasteful but simple furniture of the apartments and studios breathe warmth and good energy that encourages your personal meditation!