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Graben Wine

Kumrovška cesta 6
+386 (0)7 495 10 59

Graben Wine, Vino Graben in Slovene, is a recognised and internationally established brand of premium wines. It is led by Janez and Mihela Šekoranja, who have been actively engaged in the production of wines since 1991, when they continued a tradition of wine making which has lasted for more than 100 years. Unique tunnels, repnice/turnip caves, have, in recent years, completely changed the tourist pulse in this area. The first turnip cave open to the general public was theirs, when it was presented to visitors more than 10 years ago. The purpose, however, was not only touristic, as wine is stored and ripened there. A constant temperature of between 4 and 10°C represents the optimal environment for storing bottled wine and for its fermentation.