Primeval forest “Krokar” (UNESCO heritage)

Primeval forest Krokar is a walk to ancient times – untouched nature.  Contact with ancient times, inner peace and silence under centuries-old big trees, oddities of mighty shaky trees – always overwhelms and fascinates us. For thousands of years, nature has been quietly enforcing its laws here. A rare and valuable prenature is primarily a heritage that is carefully guarded. At the steep slope at the edge of the primeval forest reserve is a narrow path carved. Step by step the path leads us between gigantic fallen trees, among centuries-old beech trees, where time has stopped… Primeval forest is always changing cathedral of trees; spring covers the ground in a green and white rug of flowers; summer is a shadowy treetops roof; autumn is effervescent blanket of fallen leaves; winter mysterious white silence.

Primeval forest Krokar is the kingdom of beech. It measures 74.49 hectares. Every 10 years they measure all trees, thicker than 10 cm. In 1995, the entire surface of the virgin forest covers 38,734 live and dead trees that were measurable.


Since 2017, as a part of the cross-border enlargement, the Primeval forest Krokar has entered the World Heritage List of UNESCO. This cross-border extension of the World Heritage Site of the original beech forests of the Carpathians and the old beech forests of Germany extends over 12 countries. The extension is related to the resilience of trees and the tolerance of various climatic, geographical and physical conditions.

(Photo: Tomaž Ovčak)

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