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Prus Wine Cellar

Krmačina 6
+386 (0)7 30 59 098; +386 (0)41 690 112http://www.vinaprus.siInquiry

Prus’ home in Krmačina near Metlika reveals the serenity brought by a pleasant pace of life. Three generations under one roof symbolise the family’s wine-growing tradition. Even though the original family member didn’t have as much vineyard as they do today, he was, nevertheless, a Drašiči Vineyard Cottage Neighbourhood member. The grapes for their wines ripen on the slopes of Krmačina, Repica, Vidošiči, Kamenica and other sunny Bela Krajina spots, where the view encompasses St Anna's Church in Vidošići and St Lovrenc in Vivodina, already beyond Slovenia’s border. The Prus family continually strive to improve on what has been achieved. If the adage that a person learns until they die applies, this is certainly true of viticulture and wine production.