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The Municipality of Sodražica covers the northwest portion of the Ribnica Valley, surrounded by the ridges of the Velika gora and Mala gora mountains ridges. Sodražica represents a cradle of woodenware production, with its villagers still maintaining their “zdumanaja” tradition. You'll love this region if you are looking for peace, nature and a feeling of home.

1. Pilgrimage Church of Our Lady of the Assumption in Nova Štifta

The church in Nova Štifta, with its mighty dome and high bell tower, has been inviting pilgrims for more than 350 years to its unspoilt natural environment that is supplemented by a huge linden tree, the Chapel of St. Joseph from the 18th century and the Franciscan Monastery. Within the church, three golden altars glow and, together with the pulpit, they are among the most beautiful monuments of carved art from the second half of the 17th century.

2. Kadica Gorge

The Kadica Gorge is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in this place with its Bistrica tributary, natural waterfall and hollowed tubs and pools. Its value to this region is also given through its shielded vegetation and unspoilt nature. Not far from here are the remains of a Roman wall that stretched toward the east. On the slopes above the gorge, there are preserved dolomite forms resulting from the selective erosion and corrosion. One among these forms is the most famous called Škofek, which is a three metres tall obelisk.

3. Matic Ethno House

The Matic Ethno House in Raven Dol is a unique museum legacy of an agricultural holding. It displays the life of a woodworking family and is a real treasure for families from the last century. In these regions, people lived for many years producing woodcrafts and selling them and they were also engaged in farming activities. The main portion of the exhibition includes a replica farmhouse room where guests can experience the life of the not so distant past. There are also exhibits of the machinery and tools that people used for farming activities and in the household and chances to get a glimpse of family life.

4. Church of St. Mark with Faller Organs

The Church of St. Mark in Zapotok is the oldest branch of the parish of Sodražica. Originally, there was to be a pagan temple – pagan temple here, but it was later converted into a church. The image of St. Mark is on the main altar, on the right hand side an image of St. Leonard and on the left hand side of St. Primož and Felicijan. All of the statues as well as each of the three altars are wooden and the names of the saints are from the early times of Christianity.

5. Petrinci na Gori

Petrinci na Gori is a favourite spot for hikers, cyclists, horse riders and pilgrims. On a hill above the village of Petrinci stands the parish church dedicated to Marija Snežna. Not far from there is a monument dedicated to Magdalena Gornik. With regard to Magdalena Gornik, there are thousands of pages preserved about mystical events (seeing and reliving the Passion of Christ, signs of Christ's wounds – stigmata, receiving the holy communion in remarkable ways, etc.) that she is said to have experienced from 12 years old till death.