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Local Tourist guides of Dolenjska

Are you planning to visit Dolenjska? 

Need excellent connoisseur of local attractions, hidden corners, authentic cuisine and vintage wines? 

Exploring Dolenjska and its surroundings will be easier with a local guide.

Image titleThe local tourist guide with his knowledge, knowledge of the local environment and stories contributes an important piece in the mosaic of unforgettable visits of each group of guests to the destination. Modern tourist or. the guest is looking for a sustainable offer, which often refers to the very perception of the authenticity of the experience. 

Local tourist guides are qualified to conduct guided tours of Novo mesto, Šmarješke Toplice, Dolenjske Toplice and other municipalities in Dolenjska. To guide them, you can contact them directly or contact the tourist information center of each municipality.

>> See an updated list: Register lokalnih turističnih vodnikov DOLENJSKE 2022.pdf