Dolenjska, different experiences


The interesting story of the Municipality of Trebnje encompasses a rich history and culture with typical farmhouses, churches and castles together with vineyard cottages and vineyards scattered throughout the surrounding hills. The region offers a wealth of opportunities for relaxation and new experiences through the wonder of the soft surrounding landscape captured within the Temenica Valley and the safe shelter of forests as well as the enriched experience of the friendly locals going about their daily activities. We cordially invite you too to experience the wonder of the landscape for yourself!

1. Gallery of Naive Artists

For more than forty years, this gallery has offered shelter to numerous naive artworks that have emerged from the Camps of Naive Art. It is the only collection of Naive Art in Slovenia and one of the most important in the world considering that its collection houses around 1,000 works. The vivid colours and sculptures of the permanent exhibition as well as the additional temporary exhibition provide a wonderful experience for everyone.

2. Jurjeva Homestead

The Jurij Homestead is an outdoor museum and a monument of local importance that is located in the village of Občina on the edge of Suha krajina. The homestead is a clustered type and within the single storey farmhouse we find a black kitchen, house, bedroom, wooden pigsty, outhouse toilet, wooden granary, barn, well, trellis and an orchard. On the homestead, you can experience the spirit of the past intertwined together with new discoveries.

3. The Holy mother of god pilgrimage church at Zaplaz

The church on Zaplaz is a favourite pilgrimage location and meeting place for visitors. The secessionist bell towers rise up powerfully towards the heavens, an element that distinguishes them from other churches in the area and are the most recognisable elements. Most pilgrims gather at the Dolenjska “Brezje” on the Eve of the Assumption of Mary on 14 August. Close by the church is also Mary's Spring that is generally called the “Holy” Spring because it has been attributed healing powers by many.

4. Baraga Home in Mala Vas

The Baraga Home is the birthplace of the Slovenian missionary Frederick Irenej Baraga as evidenced by the stone tablet on its front. The inside of the house is arranged into two memorial rooms, one of which is arranged with furniture of the time, and the other of which has items and stations that tell of his life in Canada and the US, where he wrote books about North American Indians. The Baraga path leads from Trebnje to the Baraga home.

5. 15th Meridian

The 15th Meridian that passes through Trebnje is marked by a large sign that stands next to the regional road at the entrance to Trebnje from the Ljubljana direction. On the sign, you can see a digital, radio-controlled clock that shows the exact Central European time. The 15th Meridian plaque stone over Vrhtrebnje is erected on a lookout point. On the stone table, you can see a bronze relief showing all of the city municipalities of Slovenia, important vantage points across Slovenia and the course of the 15th Meridian. The information table gives basic information about the 15th Meridian.

Information: TIC Trebnje, Goliev trg 5, 8210 Trebnje, +386 (0)7 34 81 128