Cviček festival

The event, where vineyard tradition, youthful energy, and a modern approach to wine culture intertwine and complement each other, represents one of the largest events in the Dolenjska region.

The central three-day event, taking place at Glavni trg in Novo mesto, is part of a partnership between the Novo mesto Institute, the Association of Vineyard Societies of Dolenjska (Cviček Week), and the Association of Novo mesto Students (Cvičkarija).

The rich festival accompanying program kicks off in early May with the Slak’s Path Hike (Trška Gora), and at the end of the month, it concludes with the Pop-Up Wine Festival (Grad Grm).

Glavni trg, Novo mesto, Slovenija
8000 Novo mesto
From 24. 5. 2024 at 00:00 to 26. 5. 2024 at 00:00