The rich traditional cuisine of the region has been shaped by the influences of neighboring countries. Try dumplings, žganci, matevž, various porridges, and buckwheat and corn žganci. Don’t miss out on polenta, mlinci, stewed sauerkraut, or turnip. Wine and gastronomy are central parts of Slovenian tradition; we cherish our wines and delicious specialties.

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Restaurants and Inns

Proudly presenting our local inns and restaurants, where they mostly adhere to the principle of locally sourced food.

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Seasonal local ingredients play a crucial role in the preparation of our traditional dishes. Discover them and recreate the taste of Dolenjska in your own kitchen.

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Wines and Tastings

Many winemakers offer wine tastings in cellars, wine cellars, and wine bars in the Dolenjska region. What will you toast with, for everyday or festive occasions? Check out our winemakers’ selection, visit wine cellars and wine shops, and choose your favorite vintage.