Tourist guides

Planning a visit to Dolenjska?
Do you need an excellent expert familiar with local landmarks, hidden gems, authentic cuisine, and fine wines?
Exploring Dolenjska and its surroundings will be easier with a local guide.

A tourist guide who is well-versed in the local environment and can tell interesting stories is a crucial component in creating unforgettable experiences for any group of visitors at the destination. His knowledge enriches the travel experience and allows guests to truly discover the charm and secrets of the destination. With enthusiasm and original information, the tourist guide co-creates an unforgettable journey, leaving lasting memories.

You can contact your guide directly or arrange for guidance at the nearby Tourist Information Center.

Local Storytellers

Register of Local Tourist Guides

Local tourist guiding in the Dolenjska region is regulated in accordance with the Decree on Tourist Guiding in the tourist area of Dolenjska.

Check the current list of licensed local tourist guides in the Dolenjska region.