Jazzinty presents one of the most important international music festivals in our country. It takes place during the third week of August at various venues in Novo mesto. A diverse evening festival concert program, attracting many domestic and foreign visitors, is accompanied by a week-long music workshop that has transformed Novo mesto into a central informal educational hub for jazz and contemporary music for over twenty years every summer.

Jazzinty has educated over 1,100 workshop participants and organized more than 250 concerts featuring Slovenian and international musicians over the course of more than two decades.

The theme of this year’s production emphasizes the connection between music and dance, which has deep roots in the past and is resurfacing and gaining prominence in recent times. Jazzinty has been promoting cultural diversity and genre fluidity for many years as central principles of its production, thus creating trends and building bridges between artists and audiences.

Novi trg 5
8000 Novo mesto
From 12. 8. 2024 at 20:00 to 17. 8. 2024