JULIJA – opera večne ljubezni

The grand opera premiere of Novo mesto is the story of the poet France Prešeren and his “eternal” love. The romantic story consists of three acts with a prologue and an epilogue. The opening and closing scenes take place in Novo mesto and three acts take place in Ljubljana. On stage, we see scenes of the end of Prešeren’s relationship with Marija Klun, the first meeting between Julia Primic and the poet in Trnovo in 1833, and his efforts for his love to be heard on the one hand, and his opponents’ efforts to thwart him on the other.

The stage also depicts life in the bourgeois era – from lounges to ballrooms. The main theme of the narrative is the constant craving for unexplored emotion. This remains relevant until the end, since the “restless heart” does not calm down even in seemingly calm conditions.

The opera offers scenic solo scenes, ensemble and choral scenes and dance in the second act.

Igor GRDINA, libretto

Aleš MAKOVAC, music

ROCC, director and set design

Simon DVORŠAK, artistic director

Irena YEBUAH TIRAN, main role

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18. 2. 2020: http://bit.ly/Julija_premiera_vstopnice
19. 2. 2020:
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21. 2. 2020:

From 18. 2. 2020 at 20:00 to 21. 2. 2020 at 22:00