Krka Outdoor Festival

The city of Novo mesto, known as the green capital of Dolenjska, offers excellent natural conditions for experiencing sustainable pleasures, including the Krka Outdoor Festival. During the first week of July, the city comes alive along the Krka River with a diverse range of guided thematic walks, cycling tours, enticing water experiences, film evenings, and discussions on key themes in sports and environmental conservation. Furthermore, there’s no shortage of relaxed entertainment and great music.

The highlight of the festival is the Krka Cliff Diving event, a competition where participants dive into the Krka River from the stunning Kandijski Bridge, now in its tenth consecutive year. This is a unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere and skills of the competitors as they plunge into the Krka River from the beautiful Kandijski Bridge. The Krka Outdoor Festival thus provides an opportunity to connect with nature, sport, and entertainment, celebrating all these elements in the heart of green Dolenjska.

Novo mesto, Slovenija
8000 Novo mesto
From 1. 7. 2024 at 00:00 to 7. 7. 2024