Brulčev Mill

According to oral tradition, the Brulecs in Hrušica in Dolenjska have been engaged in milling since 1777. In all likelihood, the mill is even older, as it is shown on a military map (1763-87). It received its present appearance and interior layout after thorough renovation and enlargement in the 1970s.The Brulc mill is classified as a rock mill with an upper water drive. It is one of the largest in Podgorje in size. It is one of the oldest and most preserved mills in Dolenjska. Its special feature are two mill spaces (“little ones”). The upper one is on the ground floor of the house and the lower one is in the basement. The upper, which is older, retains the “steinpod”. On it stands a wooden grain cleaner, and in front of it a “spider”. 

The Brulc’s ceased milling in 1986, and current owner Janez Brulc wants to give to the old mill fresh breath and life. 

 Guided tours with the miller and a movie about milling and sawmilling at Klamfer and Težka voda are possible for pre-announced groups.

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