Cvinger archaeological Trail

The Cvinger archaeological trail will guide you through all the significant parts of this prehistoric center. The starting points of the hiking trail are in Meniška vas, at the crossroads in the forest near the turnoff to Dolenje Polje, and at the cemetery of Dolenjske Toplice. It runs along forest paths and is marked and equipped with explanatory signs. The trail takes you past a tumulus burial site, a former smelting furnace, a cave, and the ruins of a wall. It is 2.5 km long and not demanding, with only a 60 m elevation gain to overcome.  

We recommend wearing sturdy footwear.

Gradišče na Cvingerju At Dolenjske Toplice, it emerged during the late Bronze Age at the beginning of the 1st. thousandth millennium BC. Then it was abandoned and remained uninhabited for several centuries. It experienced a resurgence during the Middle Iron Age, around the middle of the 1st thousandth millennium BC. This is a period characterized in Dolenjska by fortified settlements, earthen burial mounds, and numerous iron artifacts. It was precisely iron, obtained by smelting the locally gathered iron ore, that commercially connected the inhabitants of Cvinger with peoples from the regions of northern Italy, the Alps, the Pannonian Plain, and the Balkans. At that time, Dolenjska region became significantly and actively involved in European prehistory for the first time, actively contributing to it as well.

Arheološka pot Cvinger, Pionirska cesta, 8350 Dolenjske Toplice
Dolenjske toplice
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