Gostilnica Barba (Inn)

The story of Barba is a tale of a different, yet familiar time and place. Natural was more important than artificial, and attention to detail was key. At Gostilnica Barba, they want guests to feel at home. Join us and become part of this story.

Their cuisine combines authentic homemade dishes with a modern touch, enriched with seasonal flavors. They emphasize a natural approach and use fresh, locally sourced ingredients, preparing more than 90% of their dishes in their own kitchen. Drawing inspiration from centuries-old Dolenjska culinary tradition, they infuse it with a contemporary twist, aiming to provide guests with a holistic experience.

Working hours:

Monday – Saturday: 11. AM – 10. PM

Monday, Sunday and holidays: closed

Topliška cesta 2
8000 Novo mesto
+386 (31) 80 70 60