Inn Pr leseni žlici

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday from 5.30 to 22.00

Saturday from 7.00 to 22.00

Being aware that it is vital to show respect to traditional cuisine, people and life, this family-run inn offers its guests with mouth-watering food. Its chefs prepare nostalgic Slovenian dishes which will invigorate your body and mind. The selected ingredients of healthy, local and Slovenian origin are prepared with love, something “Pr leseni žlici” has in abundance.The wide range of freshly prepared dishes and varied selection of prepared lunches ensure everyone enjoys a touch of Dolenjska. The friendly staff can serve up to 120 guests in the air-conditioned restaurant, which is open Mondays to Fridays between 5:30am and 22:00pm, and Saturdays between 7:00am to 22:00pm.

Gostilna Pr leseni žlici, Podbevškova ulica 2, Novo mesto
Novo mesto
+386 (0)7 33 24 065