Gostilna Javornik (Inn)

Gostilna Javornik is located just under an hour from Ljubljana, in the village of Rakovnik near Šentrupert. The tradition of the inn is continued by the fourth generation, and the specialty of the inn is dishes cooked in a wood-fired oven. In the inn, they prepare a variety of dishes, ranging from meat, fish, and vegetables  to desserts. Guests come to enjoy their homemade pasta, sesame loaf with homemade pâté, or their tasting menu. In line with their slogan  “At our place, dishes from the wood-fired oven  are our specialty. “ they strive to offer something new that guests haven’t tried elsewhere.

Home-cooked food, local suppliers, modern preparation methods, and an excellent team are their advantages.

For 25 years, they have also been involved in catering. They can prepare catering for your celebration under their pavilion, which accommodates up to 200 people, or at your location.

Gostilna Javornik, Rakovnik 6, Šentrupert, Slovenia
+386 (0)7 34 34 534