Lojze Slak and Tone Pavček museum

The exhibition presents the life and work of Mirna Pec native Lojze Slak through the written word, images, objects, music and flm. As visitors trace the course of his life from cradle to grave, they will get a sense of the infuence of the landscape, people and folk music of the Dolenjska region on Lojze Slak’s creative oeuvre. Slak’s life was flled with music. He was a virtuoso performer on the diatonic button accordion, a composer and lyricist, and the founder and leader of the Lojze Slak Ensemble. The accordions from which his fingers conjured such unforgettable sounds benefitedfrom the addition of a special “Slak button” – as may be seen on the instruments on display at the exhibition. 

Another special feature of the exhibition is the reconstruction of a stage. The Lojze Slak Ensemble customarily performed on a stage – and at this exhibition visitors will also have the opportunity to do so. An accordion is provided on which they can perform their favourite Slak tune, and they will even be able to record their performance with musical and video accompaniment by the Lojze Slak Ensemble. 

The “Accordion Show” offers musicians a diatonic accordion experience never before available at an exhibition in Slovenia.

New since march 1st. 2019:The Bee World pavillion

The museum is open to visitors: 

from Tueseday to Friday: from 9 am to 4 pm 

on Saturday and Sunday: from 10 am to 4 pm 


Guided tour for groups (over 10 people) 5 EUR 

Adults (without guided tour of the exhibition) 5 EUR 

Pupils, pensioners (without guided tour of the exhibition) 4 EUR 

Family ticket (without guided tour of the exhibition) 14 EUR 

Joint ticket Pavčkov dom and Museum of L. Slak and T. Pavček 7 EUR

Muzej Lojzeta Slaka in Toneta Pavčka, Trg 8, Mirna Peč
+386(0)7 30 78 120