Rudolf’s Raft

Raft riding on the Krka River, under four bridges, past Kamen Castle and Novi Dvor. 

You’ll see and admire St Nicholas’s Cathedral, Breg, the Franciscan Church, and monastery. There are animators and an accordion player on the raft, you’re served Cviček and a warm Dolenjska meal, and one of the participants is accepted by Rudolf’s Rafters. At the end, you receive a souvenir. They also organise a special programme on the raft dedicated to the legendary Lojze Slak, primary and high school reunions, birthday parties for adults and children, special programmes for school groups, weddings, promotions, concerts, business meetings, and culinary experiences.

Rudolfov splav, Glavni trg 11, 8000 Novo mesto
Novo mesto
+386 (0)7 393 1 520