The Rangus mill

The Rangus mill boasts more than a century of family tradition. It is located in the Dolenjska region, in the village of Dolenje Vrhpolje, in the municipality of Šentjernej. Anton Rangus, who took over the management of the local mill 30 years ago, learned milling from his father and grandfather, and is passing on his knowledge to the fourth generation. The Rangus mill produces in the traditional way with the addition of modern technology. They are best known for their buckwheat and buckwheat products, which belong to a special old type of buckwheat and have many beneficial effects on health protection. Flours are ground in the traditional way on millstones.

They have a small shop, where you can buy their products. By prior arrangement is possible to see old mill and fish farm.

Working hours:

Mon-Fri: 8-16

Sathurday: 8-12

Sunday and holidays: CLOSED

Mlin Rangus, Dolenje Vrhpolje 15,, 8310 Šentjernej