Wine fountain “Izvir cvička”

The Izvri cvička consists of a metal and wooden construction in the shape of an octagon, which, together with the roof and the counter, is placed on a wooden platform and is completely movable. On the wooden counter, there are five automatic metal dispensers, four are for wine tasting, and the last one is for water.

At Izvir, the best wines from the surrounding wine-growing hills are available, and visitors will, in addition to cvičko, meet the three main ingredients of this Dolenje specialty – blue Frankinja, velvety black/royal wine and Dolenje white.Next to Izvira cvička, there is also a mobile shop for tasting glasses, souvenirs and other local products, and the wild chestnuts on the square provide excellent shelter for many tastings and other small events.

Izvir cvička, Šmarjeta 49, Šmarješke Toplice
Šmarješke toplice
+386 31 342 343