Zlata kaplja – restaurant with accommodation

The Gostilna Zlata Kaplja (Golden Drop) belongs to the pearls of the Mirna valley reminiscent of the figure of a nice mother spreading her apron and inviting for lunch. Letting you clearly know that its house lord cares for the past the house’s exterior does not leave you cold. Already its vast collection of carts, sledges, old farming tools and carters’ accessories exhibited in the courtyard is convincing. What this traditional family-owned inn is following can be defined as “preserving what’s sound and further building on that basis”. This principle has already been working since 1768 when the inn is mentioned for the first time in the chronicles, For generations the family has been professionally fostering and preserving the most precious elements of Slovenian hospitality and at the same time responding to the demands of time. In fact the ingredients are quite simple: love, knowledge, diligence, kindness and sound entrepreneurship.

The inn’s menus mainly consist of local dishes and house specialties like lard, pate, Mokronog dumplings, and cottage cheese dumplings, or home-made sausages in winter.  Meals on spoon, a la carte dishes and ready-made menus for groups are offered.

Gostilna Zlata kaplja, Stari trg 3, 8232 Mokronog
+386 (0)40 368 359
+386 (7)34 99 640