Dolenjska, different experiences


The Municipality of Šentrupert is one of the youngest Dolenjska municipalities. The centre of the Municipality of Šentrupert boasts a rich history. It was first mentioned in 1044 and was associated with the family of Ema Krška. After the end of that family lineage, the region came under the control of the Counts of Celje, who began construction of the current Church of St. Rupert. This reputable parish was also rewarded by Jurij Slatkonj, the first Bishop of Vienna, who blessed the completed church in 1520, a church that ranks among the best of Slovenian Gothic architectural art. Through quality music and cultural events, Šentrupert has become the capital symbol of culture in the Mirna Valley.

1. Church of St. Rupert

This Church was first mentioned in the 11th century. Today's church design was developed at the end of the 14th century during the reign of the Counts of Celje. Because of both its location in the middle of a market town as well as its aesthetic completeness and architectural magnificence, the Church of St. Rupert ranks at the pinnacle of Slovenian gothic architectural art.

2. Simončič Hayrack

The Simončič Hayrack is one of the finest in Slovenia. In 1936, it was made by carpenter Janez Gregorčič, from a nearby Slovenian village, and through it he displayed his exceptional carpentry skills and mastery of joinery. The hayrack has three pairs of windows, a corridor and a double pointed roof on the crest. The front side and corridor are richly decorated with floral ornaments. A year afterwards, Gregorčič constructed a similar hayrack on the Petjev Estate in Dolenji Jesenice.

3. Vesela Gora

This has always been a favourite pilgrimage stop. The two towered Church of St. Francis Xavier with four domes was completed in the first half of the 18th century on the site of the former Church of St. Margaret. The Church features altar paintings by the Slovenian baroque artists Valentin Metzinger and Fortunat Bergant. On the southern slope below the Church lies the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows and the Way of the Cross, by which pilgrims would come to Vesela Gora until the time when Emperor Joseph II forbade the pilgrimage.

4. Permanent Exhibition

The exhibition of Original Illustrations by Youth and the Slovenian picture books at the Dr. Pavel Lunač Šentrupert Elementary School is for all children of the world and includes about 400 picture books by Slovenian authors and illustrators in 25 various languages. With the collection of Original Illustrations by Youth, the exhibition ranks among the largest collections of Slovenian illustrations.

5. Steklas Path

This path connects the rich cultural heritage and touristic offers of Šentrupert. The 20km long path is named after the historian Ivan Steklas, whose work The History of the Šentrupert Parish in Dolenjska left a priceless source of information regarding the region's history.

6. Land of Hayracks

The world-first open air museum of hayracks.