Delicacies of Dolenjska

Modern culinary and gastronomic efforts are returning to the seasons, local and regional foods, which are the result of the economic efforts of local providers. All of these efforts help shaping trends in the field of sustainability and sustainable development. This is why the rich variety of foods and nutritional products under the joint brand name “Delicacies of Dolenjska” represent excellent example of modern efforts at Dolenjska region. Nature and people in this part of Slovenia create delicacies that bring on your tables new insights and knowledge of the new flavours. This also means that these flavours and original food you will not only enjoy but will learn “through” them about the daily lives and festivals of those who have contributed to their quality.

Prof. Dr. Janez Bogataj

All products and goods included in the brand name “Delicacies of Dolenjska” are high-quality and verified with traceable origin.

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