The Situla Festival – A Festival of Iron Age Life and Cuisine

Join us on an unforgettable journey into the magical world of the Hallstatt period at the Situla Festival! This unique event is dedicated to the stunning bronze monuments that narrate the story of life among the Hallstatt inhabitants of Novo mesto. These exceptional artifacts undeniably attest to the richness and equality of these ancient civilizations compared to other major cultures of continental and Mediterranean Europe.

The Situla Festival takes us into the magical world of mythological and heroic scenes that adorn these precious artifacts. Enrich your understanding of life in socially complex prehistoric societies with a deeper insight into the lives of Hallstatt inhabitants.

Join us on this fascinating journey through time at the Situla Festival and experience the magic of ancient art come to life!


During the early Iron Age, also known as the Hallstatt period, iron assumed a crucial role in society. Spanning from the 8th to the 4th century BCE, this era was characterized by the creation of exceptional artworks, among which bronze situlae stood out. These magnificent vessels, crafted from thin, gleaming bronze sheets, symbolized prestige and protocol importance. Novo mesto boasts an impressive collection of 9 adorned bronze monuments and an additional 7 undecorated ones, rightfully placing it among the most significant sites of Hallstatt art, hence aptly named the City of Situlas.

Glavni trg, Novo mesto, Slovenija
8000 Novo mesto
8. 6. 2024 from 17:00 to 23:59
+386 (0)7 373 11 30