Along the seveh hills of Novo mesto

Novo mesto, like Rome, lies on seven hills. You will climb some of the hills and only touch others. At any rate you need a whole day to view all the key sites. 


From the Glavni trg square and past the town hall and market, we will ascend to the Cathedral of St. Nicholas. Opposite the provost’s house to the left is the Kapiteljski hrib hill (253m) which is the first scenic hill on our route. We will then descend to Novi trg square and cross the arterial road several metres from the underpass to the old town centre. At the bank we will turn onto the former provincial road which today has been transformed into the Kette tree avenue – a tree-lined promenade running past the Marof hill (228m) to Bršljin, where we will again arrive at the Novo mesto arterial road. We will cross the railway tracks and freight tracks and turn left. 

The asphalt road next to the former factory soon changes into a footpath running alongside the Krka river, on which we will ascend to the Gostišča Loka inn. We can have a rest here and then cross the wooden bridge over the Krka river which will take us to the Portoval sports complex. We will turn right at the tennis courts and walk around the football field, then turn left into the forest. The third hill, the Portoval hill (225m) will be on our right. From the forest we will turn onto a path which descends to the Novo mesto-Straža main road. We will cross the road at the pedestrian crossing and continue onwards along the street Šegoval ulica to the Leon Štukelj sports hall. 

The Šipčev hrib hill (213m) is located right behind the building. We will cross the railway tracks and turn left onto the street Bajčeva ulica and proceed to the Church of St. Michael. We will turn left at the church and take an immediate right at the crossroads to the railway underpass. Here we will turn right towards the Težka voda river onto the footpath on which we will ascend to the Grm hill (192m). The trail leads us past the Grm Castle, Krajčeva hiša House and Mordax Chapel, and then descends to the primary school where we will turn right and ascend to the road called Kandijska cesta. We will cross the road and turn right and walk up the steps right next to the Mercator shop and arrive at the street Slančeva ulica. We will turn left, and then right at the first street which will bring us to the Recljev hrib hill (221m). We will climb the steps and turn left onto the street Ragovska ulica. At the shop, we will cross the road and head towards Ragov log grove. We will follow the footpath above the Krka river and then turn onto the wooden bridge spanning the Krka river and descend to the playground and past the courthouse. 

We will pass the streets Streliška ulica and Vrhovčeva ulica and arrive back at the Glavni trg square.

LENGTH: 10.3 km

Po sedmih gričih Novega mesta, Novo mesto
Novo mesto