Animated adventure in Novo mesto

Take a walk with us through the museum gardens and get to know the treasures of the Museum of Dolenjska. The “Iron-age lady” will walk you through the rich history and stories of Novo mesto. Along the way she will ask you for help in solving challenges and finding lost items. You will be rewarded with beautiful views, discovering hidden corners and refreshing beverages. 

We will start exploring the city on the famous Breg, get to know the sacral heritage of the city, continue our exploration on a guided tour of the Museum of Dolenjska and visit the godmother Jožefina, who will treat you to traditional delicacies. 

Program duration: 2 hours 

Price: 18,00 EUR /adult, 12,00 EUR /childern from age of 3

Included: animation for the whole family, a walk around the city with a visit to the Museum of Dolenjska, the Franciscan Church, the Chapter Church, learning about the wineyard-cottage tradition with a traditional feast.

Animirana pustolovščina v Novem mestu,
Novo mesto
+386 31 751 860