Gospodična Mountain Hut, Gorjanci

Located at 2,700ft or 828 metres of altitude, far away from the bustle of your city, you are warmly welcomed at the highest altitude restaurant in the municipality of Novo Mesto. Take one the 100 seats available on the terrace and enjoy the stunning view unfolding whole the basin of Novo Mesto and reaching as far as to Mt. Triglav some 100 miles away. The hut’s interior features further 100 seats in 2 rooms. In one of them you can use the bread oven to get warm in winter while the second one offers, for the same purpose, a shot of one of the 30 sorts of homemade brandy. In addition to the rich selection of dishes comes a range of selected drinks, including elderberry juice and lemonade from clear spring water, Lower Carniolan specialty – the Cviček wine coming from Mt. Trška Gora, or other wines like Repičan coming the Bela Krajina region and Metliška Črnina (Metlika Black) from Krmačina, organic Refosco from Istria and so on.

Planinska koča pri Gospodični na Gorjancih, Gospodična 10, Brusnice, 8321
+386 (0)41 682 469
+386 (0)33 25 897