Gorjanci is the most well-known and visited mountain range in the Lower Carniola region, proudly rising above the Krško Basin all the way to the stunning Trdinov vrh, which reaches an elevation of 1178 meters. This picturesque area, known as the Slovenian Gorjanci, represents just a part of an ecologically rich space that extends into Croatia and plays a crucial role as a reservoir of drinking water for the entire Novo Mesto basin.

Numerous springs on the steep slopes, such as the mythical Gospodična, Zaganjalka, and Minutnik, add their charm to this natural gem. Additionally, the northern slopes of Gorjanci feature extremely picturesque valleys carved by streams like Kobila, Pendirjevka, and Klamfer. Legend has it that the water from Gospodična even possesses healing and rejuvenating powers, adding to the mystique of these already enchanting mountains.

The area is characterized by expansive beech forests, preserving the primeval remnants on Ravna Gora and Trdinov vrh. The natural wealth is further enriched by beautiful meadows with diverse plant life and varied forest communities shaped by different ecological conditions, especially in the Kobila valley. Numerous marked hiking trails traverse the beautiful landscape, and there are well-maintained mountain lodges at Gospodična and Miklavž, providing comfort and hospitality to visitors. There are also well-maintained mountain lodges at Gospodična and Miklavž, which provide comfort and hospitality to visitors.

Fairy tales and stories about Gorjanci

The spacious green landscape of the most famous Dolenjska mountain range will be deeply etched in your memory. You can find the beauty of the Gorjanci in the small villages, cviček vineyards, green pastures and handicrafted hayracks. The forests are full of fables and stories about which the Slovenian writer Janez Trdina wrote about.

Gorjanci hiking trails

Embark on a hike to Trdinov Vrh, and along the way, refresh yourself with Dolenjska delicacies at one of the mountain lodges. The area is ideal for hiking, as the tranquil nature provides relaxation for the soul, and various plant and animal species enrich the journey. Trails through Gorjanci include the Trdinova Trail, the Couriers and Signalmen Trail, the European Trail E7, the Zlatorog Pride Transversal, and the Krka Hiking Trails. Pick your favourite!

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Gabrje – Gospodična

Trdinova pot

Trdinov vrh – Gospodična

Gorjansko jezero – Miklavž