Natural Cottage glamping

Visitors are offered accomodation in wooden glamping house for two people. The location is near the village Bučka, by locals named “pušelc Dolenjske”, in nature, wood, vineyard, wild meadov, with lavender, bumblebees and bees.

At their organic farm guest can pick herbs and make himself basic herbal tea in the mini kitchenette, use the fridge-freezer, has running drinking water and an anique, sleek field toilet. Also, guest can cook or bake a lunch over a real fire.  It is also possible to visit their house, built of natural materials, straw bales, lime and clay plasters, basement or. dugouts, and tasting local delicacies such as wine, fruit juices, wild strawberries, wild blueberries, raspberries. 

In the immediate vicinity are the pilgrimage church Stopno, an archeological settlement on Vinji vrh, a hot spring with a swimming pool in Klevevž, Krakovski gozd, the valley of the Radulja stream in Natura 2000, Zagraški log with a 400-year-old farm. Last but not least, the guest can visit the Šmarješke Toplice health resort with an outdoor swimming pool as well as the exceptional location of Otočec Castle. The bravest can climb Gorjanci to Gospodična or Trdinov vrh.All of this can also be cycled by bike.

Natural Cottage glamping, Stara Bučka 62, 8275 Škocjan
+386 (0)31 849 063