Novo mesto motorhome parking lot

The Novo mesto motorhome parking lot is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. It is intended exclusively for the parking of caravans (motorhomes) that do not exceed the space provided within the marked parking spaces, ie up to 9 meters in total length. PZA has 6 parking spaces. The parking fee is paid at the common parking meter, which is located between the parking lot for motorhomes and the parking lot for other vehicles. 

 At the service parking place there is a possibility of emptying wastewater and faeces and drinking water supply. Free wi-fi is also available to users. In the motorhome parking lot, each guest is obliged to separate waste and throw it in special bins next to the service parking place.

In the immediate vicinity of the PZA Novo mesto location there is a large shop, restaurants, cinemas, bars, landscaped recreation areas, walking paths, a children’s playground, a point for renting soups and boats and a summer bar. From the old town, PZA is approx. 10 minutes walk, and the location is also a great starting point for cycling trips and hikes.

PZA Novo mesto, Topliška cesta, Novo mesto
Novo mesto
+ 386 31 211 293