The Mach Trail

The Mach Trail – enter the story of the Mach family and its heritage. The Mach Trail (map in the gallery) is 6.8 km long and runs from Mali Slatnik to Veliki Slatnik, where the Mach family mansion once stood. Janez Trdina, the eternal traveller and story-teller of Gorjance, enters into our adventure with his tale of the Cursed Walnut, connected to Mach’s daughter Wilhemina, beautiful but unlucky in love, and the open-air amphitheatre, where he occasionally stayed the night. The circular trail ends where it began, at the car park in front of restaurant Štefan. The trail has different variants. 

 Johan Mach, educated in philosophy, humanism, and natural sciences, bought the mansion in the village of Veliki Slatnik in 1862 and moved there with his family. On the Mach hill, he used to cultivate silkworms, the larva of a then-unknown butterfly, the Asian silk moth, yamamai. His son, Ernest Mach, was a world-class scientist, physicist, and philosopher. He is the namesake of the Mach number, sometimes used to describe the speed of aircraft.

Machova pot, Mali Slatnik 32, Novo mesto
Novo mesto