The miller’s trail

As the old saying goes, each miller leads the water to his mill, but we wish to lead you along the Mlinar Trail. 

Bučka, the flower of Dolenjska, is a scattered settlement with a clustered core, located on the ridge of a hill of the same name at an altitude of 304 m. On the top of the hill, on Bučka’s highest point, the parish church of St Matthias is located, which gives a distinctive landmark to the townscape of Bučka, making it visible from the Krška Plain, Raka, and Vinji vrh. The church of St Martin is located a little further below. A wishing bell at the beginning of the trail to Bučka will delight the hikers. 

The miller will show you the way, and if you follow closely, you’ll make it back to Bučka past all six mills. The miller will show you plenty of interesting challenges, and set you many tasks along the trail. Follow him, observe the nature around, listen to the rustling of the leaves in the forest, the bubbling of the creek, and the warbling of the birds. Enjoy the natural environment and have fun! The Mlinar Trail can be a pleasant family outing or an educational and fun stroll in the countryside, combined with learning about the milling tradition. 

 Slowly, the creek-side mills are losing their old look. The water and mill wheels no longer spin, and the vernacular used by the millers, the old tales and songs about millers and mills, are slowly lost with the passing of the older generation. With the trail, we aim to preserve at least a part of this rich heritage.

Mlinarjeva pot, Bučka 17, Bučka