The Zagraški log park

The Zagraški log park is located below the village Zagrad pri Škocjanu. It encompasses part of a forested hillside with autochthonous trees and bushes, as well as the Goriški creek valley. In the meadow in the valley, visitors can find a group of traditional farm buildings managed by the Zagrad Tourism Society. The ethnological park behind the Zagrad village in the Goriški creek valley. It includes the village creek with a clothes-washing site, a drinking trough, a 300-year old Rangus house, the Prijatelj (friend) homestead, and a natural science educational trail. 

The Zagrad Spring and the geological column are also part of the park.Visitors can find numerous things of interest in this area, as it contains many elements of untouched nature, from preserved rock formations to various tree and animal species. Springs, a creek, and a pond enrich this picturesque landscape, and the rock formations hold many remnants of life in the past. The most numerous are the shells and fossils of molluscs and snails. A range of hills, called the Zagrad mountains, rises above the valley. 

Take a stroll around this picturesque and attractive area and its well-preserved environment, adorned with springs, a creek, and a pond. In this small area of what was once the Pannonian Sea, you can find traces of animals and plants that once lived here.

Zagraški log, Zagrad 4, Škocjan