Vesel Homestead

The Vesel Homestead invites you to the unspoiled nature of the Dolenjska hills. On the farm you can experience stories, embark on an adventurous animated theme tour, try local cuisine or just relax and watch Scottish cattle. At the homestead, they offer authentic programs for graduates, school groups, families and individuals. The mission of the homestead is to preserve the Slovenian countryside. 

You are invited to a happy homestead, where at least for a moment the time stops, or even takes you to the distant past. On the farm you can rent a picnic area, indulge in stories and great local cuisine or just leave in the whisper of the nearby forest. Upon prior announcement, you are welcomed with a smile and will not leave anyone indifferent to the animated programs. 

Within the homestead, they also invite various theme nights and events. The adventure themed route is suitable for all generations, as the animated program is tailored to individual age groups. Both thematic and smaller groups take the thematic route. Adventure travel as well as other services require advance notice. 

During the holidays, they entertain children with special holiday experiences, while companies are motivated by team building programs throughout the year. 

After pre-booking, they prepare programs and events for you according to your wishes and advise you.


Possibility of supply: parking lot with full supply 

Number of places for motorhomes: 1

Domačija Vesel, Goljek 5, Trebnje
+386 (0)31 751 860