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Pule Estate

Drečji vrh 16
+386 (0)51 373 662

Let us take care of any accommodation you may need and ensure that your exclusive event is carried out flawlessly. The Pule Estate is characterized by a strong connection between the traditional and the modern, which perfectly complements the cooking style of Chef Urh Kapelar. 

In 2019, top chef Urh Kapelar took over running the kitchen at the Pule Estate and had poured his soul into the culinary experience, taking it to the next level. At the Pule Restaurant, we serve sublime food to create a memorable gastronomic experience. Chef Urh Kapelar is known for his singular style and his passion for perpetually seeking the perfect flavor. He finds his inspiration in the local environment and will astound you with both his simplicity and sophistication, as well as his attention to detail. He utilizes the natural features of the estate to his advantage and follows the concept of farm-to-table. Everything and anything you eat at the estate will be fresh and of the highest quality. 

Our estate also o_ers guests a selection of spa and wellness services to choose from, including an indoor and outdoor pool, a Finnish and a Turkish sauna, as well as a saunarium. The impressive wine cellar of the Pule Estate is home to over 220 vintages from the finest Slovenian winemakers, in addition to a wide selection of wines from both the old world (France, Italy, Spain, Europe) and the new world (South Africa, South America, Australia, the US, and more).