Baraga hiking trail

The Baraga hiking trail has been popular among hikers for over a decade, with most of the trail winding through pleasant forested or grassy landscapes, and the entire circular route is 18 km long. The trail following Baraga’s life path begins in Trebnje, in front of the parish church of the Assumption of Mary, where Baraga’s statue is also located. It continues to Mala vas and passes through Knežja vas in Dobrnič, then returns to Trebnje via Grmada and Vrhtrebnje. It includes three life stations of Friderik Baraga: Trebnje, Mala vas, and Dobrnič, complemented by quality additional offerings in this area. An organized hike takes place at the end of June as part of the commemorative day of the Municipality of Trebnje – Baraga Day.

Description of the route with a map:  Baragova pot – visitdolenjska.pdf

Baragova pohodna pot, Baragov trg 7a, Trebnje